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Grey Beads 6/0

The grey 6/0 beads are a type of glass seed bead that is frosted translucent. They have a type of grooving on the bottom of the bead that makes it feel more alive. The seed bead is keyed off to a 60 glass seed bead necklace. The necklace has 200 matsuno 60 glass seed beads that are translucent. They are keyed off to a post-it taped up. The necklace is made to be a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Czech 6/0 Seed Beads Rare Mixes

Czech 6/0 Seed Beads Rare Mixes

By Jablonex

USD $6.95

Best Grey Beads 6/0 Sale

This is a clear become less light weight and less durable type of coating that is used on products to help them resist wear and tear. It is a black and grey colorating. It is also known as a matsuno dyna-mite and is used to create 60 6 glass spacer seed beads transparent matte colors.
this is a great way to get into the colors of glass spacer seed beads! After looking at many websites, I found this one that had excellent customer service and was a good price. The colors are grey 6/0 beads with a white 6/0 bead at the end. They look like they will be very colorful when they turn up!
this is a grey mixed round bead from the 60 japanese glass seed beads. It has a clear gift box and brown and white grey mixed round beads surrounding it. The bead is 15 grams and has a small hole in the center.